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Funeral date set for Aneka ‘Slickianna’ Townsend


Aneka Townsend, more popularly known as ‘Slickianna’, an entrepreneur and social media influencer, was found dead in Reading, Montego Bay, St. James, last Month October.

Sources say the young woman’s body was found floating in the sea close to shore with one shoe that resembled the one she wore in her last Instagram picture.

Aneka Townsend, reportedly had a gunshot wound to the head. Video and images of the gruesome scene circulated around the internet.

Rushawn Patterson, the main suspect since Aneka body was found, was arrested by the St.James police and charged for the murder of ‘Slickianna’.

Also, a security guard Rohan Rose, was charged with misprision of a felony in relation to the case.

Aneka’s funeral is set for 10:00am on December, 1st, 2022, at the Webster Memorial Church in Half Way Tree.

Congrats to Koffee on another Grammy Nomination!


The Jamaican reggae artist Mikayla Victoria Simpson, more popularly known as Koffee has gained another Grammy nomination for ‘Gifted’ her latest released debut album.

The announcement was made today by the famous John Legend during the live stream of the 65th GRAMMY Awards Nominations Announcement.

‘The Kalling’ by Kabaka Pyramid, ‘Scorcha’ by Sean Paul, ‘Third Time’s the Charm’ by Protoje, and ‘Com Fly Wid Mi’ by Shaggy, also gained nominations in the Best Reggae Album Category. 

‘Gifted’, a follow-up to Koffee’s 2020 Grammy Award winning EP ‘Rapture’, was released by Promised Land Recordings on March 5th, 2022. It debuted at number two on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart, behind ‘Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers’. In its first week of release ‘Gifted’ sold approximately 3,500 units.

The 65th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony will air live from the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 5, 2023.

SOJA won the Grammy in 2022 for Best Reggae Album with the album ‘Beauty in the Silence’.

Jack turns 100 Years Old & Celebrates at Strip Club!


Gioacchino “Jack” Poma’s daughter Dina took him to ‘The Lodge’, a gentlemen’s club in Dallas Texas, to see some strippers for his 100th Birthday Celebration.

Dina says her father loves two things in life; women overall and mainly women boobs, so a strip club was a perfect idea for celebrating 100 years of life.

Jack hasn’t been to a strip club in years, so being at ‘The Lodge’ on Halloween night was an exciting experience for him.

Photos show that the dancers adored Jack. One dancer fed him pepper pasta and other dancers brought out the birthday cake as they celebrate.

‘Jack deserved the night out,’ Dina explained, ‘his wife died 12 years ago, since then he was with another woman but last year she died as well.’

Dina says the owners of the club extends their welcome to Jack, says, he’s invited anytime, hosting his birthday bash was a pleasure for them!

Squash injured in Florida shoot out!

Andre Whittaker, more popularly known as Squash, a Jamaican musician, was injured during a shooting in Lauderhill, Florida.

It is said that the Broward police in Florida are investigating the shootings.

Reports says Squash is recovering from the attack and attempt on his life.

In speculations of retaliation, two associates of Squash are held for questioning in reguards to a double murder.

Damning Evidence reveals Slickianna’s Murderer!!!


The body of the Aneka Townsend, more popularly known as ‘Slickianna’, a 35-year-old social media influencer was found floating in the ocean in Reading St James on Friday 21,10,2022.

Her body was identified by her mother on Saturday 22,10,2022.

The influencer was also known as ‘Kayan’, in the community of Waterloo Road in St Andrew, where she once reside.

Reports states that around 9:30 a.m, on Friday 21,10,2022, visitors at the beach saw the slightly decomposing body floating in the water.

They immediately reported this to the police and the marine police removed her body from the water.

A wig and a towel covered in blood along with more items were removed from the scene.

On Saturday afternoon the police released a statement, stating that they have a lead suspect in the case, a Rushane ‘Chizzie’ Patterson, from Prospect district in Hanover.

From the statement: “Investigators believe Patterson can assist them in advancing the probe into Townsend’s death,”.

Patterson was given until 5 p.m. Saturday 22,10,2022, to report to the Freeport Police Station in Montego Bay, St James.

The police states that, so far in the investigation, it is said that a motor vehicle has been seized.

Souces says that there are high prove on the named suspect of Slickianna’s murder.

Jungle justice!!! Residents beat basic school robber!


On Thursday morning, in Clarendon, one of three men who reportedly robbed a basic school, was beaten by residents as he attempted to escape with his fellow accomplices.

It was reported that a resident noticed a vehicle with three strange men in the area of the Sheckles Basic School, the men looked suspicious, so the resident notified other residents of what he or she saw.

The residents then discovered that appliances and alot of food items were missing from the school.

As the men attempted to leave the scene, one was evidently captured and beaten by the residents.

The stolen items were found in their get away car and nearby bushes.

The beaten man is now in the hospital under police guard, while the other two male suspects are yet to be found and arrested.

Girl Abducted in St.Catherine got Rescued!!!


On Sunday night, the 9th of October 2022, a girl who was reportedly abducted by gangsters in St. Catherine and was rescued the next day, on Monday, by detectives of the Counter-Terrorism & Organised Crime Investigations Branch (C-TOC).

Two males and a female, was arrested in connection with the crime.

It is said that the victim was invited to a party in St. Catherine by one of the people who got arrested.

She was later abducted and repeatedly raped.

The police of the Manchester Police Division was carrying out a search operation in the location/area and that’s how she was found.

The girl is currently receiving medical attention.

100 PEP students gets awards from Golding!


Mark Golding, the Leader of the Opposition, on Thursday, has awarded 100 students for their outstanding performance in the Primary Exit Profile examinations (PEP), all from the region of his St Andrew Southern constituency.

This is a continued programme that the former Member of Parliament Dr Omar Davies begun back in 2000.

Golding says the award is a grant towards first year secondary school tuition fees and general school fees.

He says there are three different levels of award, depending on the students grades. Golding stated that help and good support for the project was from a network of private sector and corporate donors.

He also expressed that with back to school preparation being more expensive, being able to assist parents with the grants made him happy.

Financial Penalty for Chemical Spill that Killed Hundreds of Fishes!


Following the protest by residence against a chemical spill that killed hundreds of fish in the Rio Cobre river. Matthew Samuda the Environment Minister threatens to hit bauxite mining company Windalco with financial penalties.

The Government has gathered a multi agency working group to review the state of the pollution into the Rio Cobre and to study development along the river.

Samuda says that Prime Minister Andrew Holness gave instructions for the working group to meet.

Considering the damage the oil spill made, Samuda says one most likely solution is to draw-down on the environmental performance bond from Windalco that the Government currently holds through the Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA).

“I want to assure the Jamaican public that the Government holds this environmental bond, which at the current exchange rate is $115 million, so we will be able to draw down a significant sum to ensure that the cost is felt by the company,” statement from Samuda as he toured sections of the Bog Walk Gorge that have been affected by Saturday’s chemical spill from the Windaco bauxite plant.

Samuda says that in the next legislative cycle, the government will table amendments to the NRCA and Wildlife Protection acts to highly increase the fines for egregious environmental breaches.

For Windalco to continue operating, the bauxite producer would have to restore the environmental performance bond.

The company Windalco says they will issue a statement very soon.

Richard Nelson, senior manager of the environmental management subdivision of the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), said that PH tests conducted by his team have revealed levels as high as 11.3 since the spill.

Nelson says the standard PH level of the Rio Cobre ranges between 7.3 and 8, Acquatic life can only survive there at a PH level of 9.

Legendary Actor Bruce Willis Retired Following Heartbreaking Diagnosis

The actor Bruce Willis & family has announced his retirement. In the announcement, they shared that he was recently diagnosed with aphasia.

Bruce Willis and his family released a statement saying, “To Bruce’s amazing supporters, as a family, we wanted to share that our beloved Bruce has been experiencing some health issues and has recently been diagnosed with aphasia, which is impacting his cognitive abilities. As a result of this and with much consideration, Bruce is stepping away from the career that has meant so much to him.”

Bruce is a husband and father of five.

Aphasia can affect a person’s ability to speak, write, and understand language, both verbal and written. The condition is said to can be brought on by a head injury or after a stroke but it can also accompany a variety of degenerative diseases.

Bruce Willis with family and friends.