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Girlfriend buys boyfriend Lamborghini! 🎉

Kristen Patterson and Reafe Anderson are youtube stars and content creators. They are Canadian with Jamaican families and background.

They are best recognized for the youtube channel “Kristen & Reafe” in which they both share contents such as pranks, challenges, story time, life celebrations, etc. As a couple.

With their channel “Kristen & Reafe” they have accumilated almost 400,000 subscribers thus far. With all their videos clocking views in the thousands.

They launched their youtube channel in June, 2020, with their first video being a story time about how they met.

So Reafe celebrated his birthday on June 1st where he turned 28 years of age. On June 2nd there was a video placed on the channel of his girlfriend Kristen throwing him a surprise family birthday gathering, in which it was seen that he enjoyed that surprise on his special day. She also gifted him with a few clothing type gifts.

Little did Reafe knew that Kristen had a surprise up her sleeve for him, and it is something that he have always wanted.

Yesterday on June 3rd, the video of what happened on June 2nd was posted by them. Ofcourse, we got the video a day after the fact, because they have had to prepare this video for us and enjoy the moment.

In the video below Reafe was gifted by Kristen with a Lamborghini Aventador:

oh child!

It was such an exciting and inspirational video for so many people that watches their channel, and alot of people admire their growth and relationship.

You go Kristen and Reafe! You should go ahead and get married!!!



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