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Jack turns 100 Years Old & Celebrates at Strip Club!

Gioacchino “Jack” Poma’s daughter Dina took him to ‘The Lodge’, a gentlemen’s club in Dallas Texas, to see some strippers for his 100th Birthday Celebration.

Dina says her father loves two things in life; women overall and mainly women boobs, so a strip club was a perfect idea for celebrating 100 years of life.

Jack hasn’t been to a strip club in years, so being at ‘The Lodge’ on Halloween night was an exciting experience for him.

Photos show that the dancers adored Jack. One dancer fed him pepper pasta and other dancers brought out the birthday cake as they celebrate.

‘Jack deserved the night out,’ Dina explained, ‘his wife died 12 years ago, since then he was with another woman but last year she died as well.’

Dina says the owners of the club extends their welcome to Jack, says, he’s invited anytime, hosting his birthday bash was a pleasure for them!



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