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Jahvillani at the centre of attention

Dancehall has been a hard industry to break into as an artist for many years before . Even with the talent that alone isn’t enough to keep fans wanting more . Dated way before the present entertainers have went all out to please fans ,from dressing up to doing outrageous stuff to stay relevant in the media . One entertainer who is known for his him many antics is Vybz Kartel . Adidjah Palmer has paved the way in dancehall where controversy is concerned . He has helped to introduce a lot of taboo natures to Jamaica with one of the main being bleaching . Jahvillani has been the latest entertainer to alter the pigment of his skin . The ” Rubber Band ” singer has posted an image of himself where he appears to be browner that his usual colour . The artist have received a lot of criticism for the action . Many are calling it a desperate attempt for more attention because his video views have dropped on YouTube .

He has also released a song surrounding the topic where he praises skin bleaching . The song titled bleaching cream is produced by Ygf and is sitting at number 20 on the trending section for YouTube with 40,000 views .



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