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Jamaican boy enslaved and abused, Cayman mother and son charged

Lurline Henry Smith, a 59-year-old woman, and her 42-year-old son Anthony Jackson, have been jointly charged for abusing and enslaving a 12-year-old boy from Jamaica. They are charged with cruelty to a child and the stealing of a child.

In reports, it was revealed that the child was sent to Cayman in an arrangement made between Smith and the boy’s family, who believed he was going to the Island for a better chance at life.

This all took place from the year the boy entered Cayman in 2019. Smith and Jackson was initially arrested more than three months after they had the boy in the island. However, a lengthy probe in the case by police authorities resulted in the two being charged in May, 2021.

Smith and Johnson were granted bail, and appeared earlier this week in Summary court for the first time.

This coming Friday, June 18, They are to appear in the Grand Court in Cayman.

Prosecutors said the Jamaican child was “locked” in a house, “was made to undertake domestic chores, and was never enrolled in school,” reported the Cayman news service.

The boy eventually ran away, resulting in the authorities in Cayman starting this case. In investigation, findings shows that, Smith could be involved in further child trafficking and enslavement.

The boy reportedly has since been returned to Jamaica.



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