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Man carries his mom up hill

A Young man takes his mother up steep hill .

” Children honour your parents so your days may be longer ” is a very interesting quote from biblical times . In a society like Jamaica it is hard to find a man taking deer care of his own mother . Often times passing in inner cities arguments between moms and their sons can be heard coming from the fences . Usually these behaviour stem from boys being lazy and not doing manly work in the home . Some of these youths grow up without respect for their parents witch reflects externally with how they treat others in public .

Another famous quote says train up a child in the right way and he shall not depart . It’s good to teach kids from early the correct thing to do and the negative repercussions of bad decisions . Many Jamaican parents are loving and good parents to their children so they reap all the sweetness of their now grown children . However not all are fit to be parents as sometimes monsters are breed by these grown folks .

However as seen in the video clip mamma was surely doing a great job raising this young man . In the clip a man can be seen caring for his mother without and hold back . A car came to drop off his mother from the hospital and he came down to meet her just in time . The man can be seen lifting his mom from the car using both of his arms hollering her tight making sure not to drop her .

The Young man then proceeds to take her up to the house which is located up hill at a far distance . Going up the slope the man is accompanied by other grown siblings who made sure they reached to the top safely to lay momma down in the bed .

The video has circulated widely in social media circles as it demonstrates how a man should treat his mother .



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