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Man carries his mom up hill


A Young man takes his mother up steep hill .

” Children honour your parents so your days may be longer ” is a very interesting quote from biblical times . In a society like Jamaica it is hard to find a man taking deer care of his own mother . Often times passing in inner cities arguments between moms and their sons can be heard coming from the fences . Usually these behaviour stem from boys being lazy and not doing manly work in the home . Some of these youths grow up without respect for their parents witch reflects externally with how they treat others in public .

Another famous quote says train up a child in the right way and he shall not depart . It’s good to teach kids from early the correct thing to do and the negative repercussions of bad decisions . Many Jamaican parents are loving and good parents to their children so they reap all the sweetness of their now grown children . However not all are fit to be parents as sometimes monsters are breed by these grown folks .

However as seen in the video clip mamma was surely doing a great job raising this young man . In the clip a man can be seen caring for his mother without and hold back . A car came to drop off his mother from the hospital and he came down to meet her just in time . The man can be seen lifting his mom from the car using both of his arms hollering her tight making sure not to drop her .

The Young man then proceeds to take her up to the house which is located up hill at a far distance . Going up the slope the man is accompanied by other grown siblings who made sure they reached to the top safely to lay momma down in the bed .

The video has circulated widely in social media circles as it demonstrates how a man should treat his mother .

Skillibeng is ” Hot ” now in new song .


Dancehall have been graceful to introduce many new stars to the game . some not so talented but some definitely . Today we talk about one of the better ones .

Skillibeng has been granted access to being in the big league of dancehall and he is making sure he holds that space . Since the release of his chart topping song Bricks he has been highlighted as promising . His entrance to dancehall has changed helped to change the game . Nowadays most young dancehall entertainers sing and glorify is the scamming lifestyle and it has become the new norm . These new talents are mostly from the western part of the island , St James .

However Skilli made landfall when he dropped his song on YouTube . Persons found an interest in the song instantly whether bashing the lifestyle or commending it . It has been one of the most streamed dancehall song for last year .

The beat was taken off the internet and used by the artist even with the tags in in . So apparently the he did know the song would have made it that big . However after the early part of his stardom Skilli started receiving features from many top acts including Vybz Kartel .The musician was unrecognized locally but still had a fanbase to give him that backitive so that gave him the initial boost he needed to trigger the algorithm on YouTube .

Recently the artiste released a new music video with stunning visuals . The song Hot is currently sitting at number 1 trending on YouTube . In just a matter of hours the track quickly moved up passing Mavado’s new Hot song Not Perfect with is also burning up the air waves in Jamaica . The Track was directed and edited by Rd studios ,many are calling it a work of art . Skillibeng spoke to our team stating he is going to be putting in more work like this to stay on top of his game .

The artiste made it clear he really wants to be like his mentor Vybz Kartel and the icon was graceful enough to add Skilli to his album Kings and Queens . Skillibeng who is based in St Thomas has also been Bringing other young artistes to the forefront of dancehall .

The song has just overtook Mavado’s Not Perfect to reach the number 1 spot on Youtube . The visuals which was filmed by RD studios has a unique use of graphics and animation to give it flare . We here at Good Morning Jamaica love to see creativity in our talented artiste and that’s what we highlight . Many are sayi8ng the entertained only has one style of delivering but he seems to switch it up a bit in this one . Listen the track below to see what were talking about and if your liking it definitely leave a like and subscribe to the channel and show support .

Mavado Son Dantae Pics From Jail


Dontae Brooks the son of Dancehall Giant Mavado has been in prison for more than a year following the murder of Lorenzo Thomas . The teen have been away from the media for some time until recent pics surfaced . The media and fans of Mavado are outraged by these pics as the timing is very bad . Looking very comfortable in photos persons are calling this a foolish move as the verdict for the trial is pending . Although the images might have not been uploaded by Dantae it may be a hindrance to his freedom . A tribute to from his father was made in Not Perfect , a track that is currently trending at number 2 on YouTube . Families and friends are praying for the release of Dontay Brooks . The next court date is set for early February .

Mackerel and Landlord at it


Dancehall personality Mackerel has been once more highlighted in the fore front of the media . She made waves early last year after a video of her and a friend went viral . The young mother captivated on her exposure charging a fee to do promo . Known for her slang ” Take away people man ” she did a song after that did well in the dancehall space . Ladisha gained recognition from popular Dancehall Icon Vybz Kartel which also added to her fame .

Shortly after Mackerel started behaving wild as a video of her surfaced where she was being eaten by a man at a private party . Mackerel shortly after had a leaked video also doing bad stuff .

Mackerel recorded a video of a dispute between herself and her landlord . The topic of the conversation seems to be about water conservation . an on going chattering between the two continued as her friend laid on the bed laughing . Although it doesn’t seem to be that serious it is clear that Mackerel has no respect for her elders .

Jahvillani at the centre of attention


Dancehall has been a hard industry to break into as an artist for many years before . Even with the talent that alone isn’t enough to keep fans wanting more . Dated way before the present entertainers have went all out to please fans ,from dressing up to doing outrageous stuff to stay relevant in the media . One entertainer who is known for his him many antics is Vybz Kartel . Adidjah Palmer has paved the way in dancehall where controversy is concerned . He has helped to introduce a lot of taboo natures to Jamaica with one of the main being bleaching . Jahvillani has been the latest entertainer to alter the pigment of his skin . The ” Rubber Band ” singer has posted an image of himself where he appears to be browner that his usual colour . The artist have received a lot of criticism for the action . Many are calling it a desperate attempt for more attention because his video views have dropped on YouTube .

He has also released a song surrounding the topic where he praises skin bleaching . The song titled bleaching cream is produced by Ygf and is sitting at number 20 on the trending section for YouTube with 40,000 views .

Police officer schooled by Man


This evening a video had surfaced on the internet where it shows a confrontaion between a motorist and an officer . There was an alleged request made by the officer to search the car . A request was denied by the motorist for a search as he mentioned that he knows his rights . The officer then questioned the man further about the law and was given an detailed answer . Later on in the conversation the officer said things will not so easy if the man was caught on the road after curfew hours . Social media users are cheering on the man for knowing his rights as the harassment was avoided . The police officer was also video by the motorist where he can be seen acting badly . His mask was not properly adjusted to his face where and there was an high risk of contamination to the passengers of the vehicle .

Mavado is ” Not Perfect “


Dancehall entertainer David Brooks or Mavado has teamed up with Sponge Music to release ” Not Perfect ” for the starting of the year . Mavado is known to be a versatile entertainer and an long lasting column in dancehall with many great recognition . However things have not always been looking good for the singer because he had a fair share of dissapointments .

Mavado addressed situations surrounding his life as a musician and a father . His son has been in police custody for more than a year after an altercation where he almost lost his life . Social media has been buzzing since the incident stating he has abandoned his son and ran left the island . For the most part the entertainer has remained silent which left everyone speechless .

Thongs however took a turn when the singer teamed up with Sponge Music to release the new track . Fans went in a frenzy on YouTube racking up outstanding views and comments moments after the release . Not perfect is the most commented as many can relate to that reality .

Twitter Is Finished With Donald Trump


The Donald Trump presidency period has been a long and dramatic time for the USA . There have been undoubtedly been good time but definitely dark hours . After loosing to Joe Bidden Trump went in a rage and rant declaring he will not step down . Claims were made that the votes were staged and it had ben unfair to him . His supporters also went in full support for him protesting and going all out .

There was a breach at the white house recently were Trump supporters made an entry in the white house and into private rooms taking pictures . The world was outraged by this as there hasn’t been a breach into the white house since the British attacked in the earlier years .

It has been evident and very clear that Donald trump has die hearted followers that will do just about anything to keep him in power . The former president of the United States have took to twitter after the incident to make tweets aft6er the incident .The social media platform Twitter decided to suspend the account for some time then eventually permanently deleting his account . We are currently awaiting more developments on this story .

Police Shoots teen in Mountain View


Jamaica is a paradise many tourist abroad but it has a bad reputation when it comes to crime . Over the years the country have been plagued with a dark force that covers the minds of citizens . The security force have been put in place to help fight this destruction . However it has been a battle and it hasn’t seem to resolve the problem although there are some progress . Many citizens of Jamaica are not putting their trust in the authorities as they cry out police brutality but some are praising the security forces for the eradication of some of these youths who are allegedly gunmen .

A young man was shot by Police officers early Wednesday morning on Mountain View Road . Viral videos of the aftermath went popping up all over in the media . Members of the security force were at the crime scene where the incident happened . Community member can be heard yelling its a little boy to the officers while the young man was helped off the ground unto the police vehicle . he died on the way to the hospital . More investigations are currently pending .

Usain Bolt Responds To Popcaan


World Olympic Gold Medalist and champion Usain Bolt Answers Popcaan . Bolt has been the topic since the release of his track with Nj . Popcaan was the first to mention that the song he did is trash and he should be investing his time in youths with actual talent . Our team think the song actually sounds good thou , not top tier but definitely not trash . However the unruly boss poppy had a lot of support behind his claims . Incrassated Dancehall legend even had something to say about it . The entire internet went in a frenzy and were in full force on the topic .

Eventually bolt would respond when it really got out of hand . The sprint champion outlined that every thing is time and patients . Bolt took to Instagram to teach the school about time and investment . Usain told the world he had to train years just to make the most important two minutes of his life count .

In support of the sprinter the internet went on another rampage siding with the track star even though some were still mentioning the song was trash . Again we believe the song is good enough for a debut calab single . Trending at number 14 on YouTube at the moment we think the drama gave the song a boost , talk about timing .

We look forward to see more works from the legend as he continues to make the island proud .

Stream the song that started all this problem below .