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Vybz Kartel in the mix


Adijah Palmer is now at the center of mix up as he shades fellow entertainer Aidonia . It has been rumored that Aidonia was evicted by his landlord after owing some months of rent . News made it to the internet that the Landlord is planning to sue the entertainer for rent money owed and loss of income . It is believed that the landlord behaved in an aggressive manner after having enough of run around the bush . We are currently trying to confirm this news . Month ago Aidonia showed off a mansion in the hills where he lived so persons are wondering if it is the same address or another premises . Vybz Kartel who has worked with Aidonia before had a laugh out of the situation . The imprisoned entertainer dropped a few bars from behind it . ” How it so hype and still a pay rent , Move in with yuh parents ” . Many are calling Vybz petty however some are loving the festivity of the artist as they cheer him on and repost the story . Aidonia is yet to respond to these claims .

Popcaan Dis Usain Bolt ?


The worlds greatest runner in history has a high respect record around the world from many big stars . Usain bolts legacy is undeniably one of Jamaica’s most precious treasures . Also being an humanitarian Usain always gives back to communities , schools etc. Usain no doubt likes to venture into different fields two of which are cricket and football , activities that didn’t work out . Bolt also took a shot at the music industry where he might have more luck with . Earlier in 2020 Bolt released the Olympia Riddim , A project that features Christopher martin , Ding Dong along with few more big names . The project was named after his daughter and did really well for a debut project as a producer . Usain Bolt has a lot of influence over many persons in dancehall but unfortunately his recent project with NJ didn’t cut it.

Many are calling the song trash and Dancehall star Popcaan has called out the legend Usain bolt on it . Popcaan took to his Instagram to tell Bolt he should give talented youths the opportunity instead of doing mediocre music . Most are calling it a blatant disrespect to the king of running but however some are agreeing with Popcaan .

Robbers make off with 5.5 million


Early Monday morning a robbery was carried out in St Thomas where a bank was robbed . It’s alleged that three induvial entered the facility of bank before . The day before they checked on all security measures before carrying out the act . On Monday the men went onto the compound dressed formally each holding a briefcase . One of the men were asked by a security guard f he needed assistance but he said he is okay . While standing in the line one of the men faked an heart attack which got the attention of the bank manager . The thieves used this opportunity to take the manager hostage .

All three men pulled high caliber sub machine guns from their briefcase while telling everyone to get on the floor . By this time they also barred the entrance to the bank so no one could get in or out . The police arrive about 10 minutes after asking the men to come out peacefully . There was no response from the men as they were organizing to get the safe opened by the manager . After successfully breaking in and packaging more than 5 million dollars the men decided to leave . Still holding hostages in the bank the men instructed everyone to stand up and form a big crowd . They would use this as a cloak to walk out the bank unharmed or detected . When the bank doors were finally opened everyone walked out as a group then separating . The Robbers made off with a huge some of money without being compromised . The only person willing to talk to our team was the security guard but could not fully describe the robbers as they were masked up as protocol for the spread of the Covid 19 Virus .

Shocking Zombie Frog Moves


A shocking video has emerged on the internet leaving viewers speechless . In the video clip a headless animal can be seen crawling from a bowl . The skinned flesh can be seen desperately trying to escape its final demise as if it understands what’s happening . Many are calling it fake while some are saying that meat is demonic . What appears to be a frog has left us puzzled as to why anyone would even want to cook that then consume it .

Popcaan in serious mix up


Dancehall superstar Andre Sutherland or popular know as Popcaan has been in and out of feuds with fellow musicians from the same genre . The singer has had fall out with names like , Black Ryno , Mavado , Alkaline , NotNice Quick Cook and more recently Marcus the producer . An Voice note was leaked to the internet where it is alleged that Marcus sent it to Popcaan . In the voice clip Marcus can be heard demanding that Popcaan gets his car fixed . The mark x has been a topic that has been going around sometime now but it has just been confirmed . Its said that one of Popcaan’s friend borrowed the car on behalf of the entertainer and met in a accident while using the vehicle . Time has passed and Marcus decided to address the issue with a more angry approach . It is believed that Popcaan’s latest song Relevant is aimed at Marcus over the car fall out .

Obeah Man predicts Shenseea future


Self proclaimed spiritual reader man Rt Boss have recently been the center of attention with the spice saga . The two had an fall out where a lot of persons were drawn into the mix . This resulted in the break up of her dance team . Rt and Spice have been close friends before all the drama and contention but it seems now they are no longer on good terms . Rt Boss have took to Instagram to start praising Shenseea for her works in the music industry . Often the two have been compared as rivals but no confirmation by any of the artist . Fans are now calling Rt thirsty in attempts he makes to get closer to shenseea .

The self proclaimed reader man posted on his story fr Ig that he feels Shenseea will take over dancehall fully after she gets a Grammy . The statement have left many viewers puzzled as to why would he switch to shenseea so quickly .

Tommy Lee Sparta Cries For The Ghetto


Tommy Lee Sparta is no doubt a talented entertainer from the fields of Jamaica . Since his early releases while in the gaza camp with the former mentor Vybz Kartel Tommy has always held his own . His music encourages a taboo and strange lifestyle that some might not agree with . The artist says its a way of expressing what he grew up to witness and what is currently happening in society . Tommy lee has been a target for he JCF for some time after suspicions of him being involved with scamming activity . The artist denies these accusations and were freed by the help of his lawyers . However he is currently back behind bars after being allegedly held with an illegal weapon by the police .

While in lock up Tommy Lee Sparta has dropped a visual for his song Ghetto Cry . The song which is currently trending at number 3 on YouTube is doing really well . It depicts the every day struggle of persons living inside of the ghetto . His run ins with the law have also been acted out in the music video where he is being interrogated by police officers . Some are saying he predicted the future mishaps he would run into and that’s why he did the video .

Teejay Shocks Fans


The Uptop boss Teejay has gotten thinner and fans are giving mixed reactions . He has been known to be a well gifted singer and a well dressed entertainer . There has been no doubt that he had on a extra few pounds . Around November last year tee jay posted a pic that left his fans craving his new look as the belly was disappearing . When asked about the secret he said Crackers and Water . About a month passed and the entertainer posed a new pic where he appears to be around 150 ponds . Fans went spiritic in the comments stating and asking if he is ok . As usual some are really loving the look and we at GoodMorning thing he made a great move as it relates to health . Diabetes is high in Jamaica and its closely linked to being overweight or obese .

Fantan Mojah Switched


While some dancehall artist are converting from the fast life it seems Fantan Mojah is doing the opposite . The When i rise artist came under a lot of backlash after a promo video of him surfaced online . Slickwhite a comedian did an ad for the artist where he was mentioning that ” Rasta fi clean to ” . Lines of the song could be heard where Fantan sings ” Chop Chop ” a line used by dancehall artistes when praising the scammer lifestyle . Some members of the Rastafarian community are calli9ng this an abomination while other members of the public are commending him on the switch .

Fanton Mojah have been off the scene for some time now and he have returned with some new music for his fans . Many are really loving the tune . However some are concerned with the ” Wap Wap Line ” .

15 Arrested for breaking Curfew Rules


Fifteen persons including three females are now locked up and to be charged following an operation which was carried out in St James . It is alleged that a party was being kept in flankers Montego bay where patrons were posting and sharing videos to their social media pages . Members of the police force acted quickly and found the location . Upon arriving at the venue for the party persons scattered as they tried to flee the officers .

The remaining persons were caught and brought to the police station where there were processed and questioned 2 illegal firearms were confiscated . Ongoing investigations are now pending as we follow this story for more information .