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Fantan Mojah Switched


While some dancehall artist are converting from the fast life it seems Fantan Mojah is doing the opposite . The When i rise artist came under a lot of backlash after a promo video of him surfaced online . Slickwhite a comedian did an ad for the artist where he was mentioning that ” Rasta fi clean to ” . Lines of the song could be heard where Fantan sings ” Chop Chop ” a line used by dancehall artistes when praising the scammer lifestyle . Some members of the Rastafarian community are calli9ng this an abomination while other members of the public are commending him on the switch .

Fanton Mojah have been off the scene for some time now and he have returned with some new music for his fans . Many are really loving the tune . However some are concerned with the ” Wap Wap Line ” .

15 Arrested for breaking Curfew Rules


Fifteen persons including three females are now locked up and to be charged following an operation which was carried out in St James . It is alleged that a party was being kept in flankers Montego bay where patrons were posting and sharing videos to their social media pages . Members of the police force acted quickly and found the location . Upon arriving at the venue for the party persons scattered as they tried to flee the officers .

The remaining persons were caught and brought to the police station where there were processed and questioned 2 illegal firearms were confiscated . Ongoing investigations are now pending as we follow this story for more information .

Nicki Minaj Finally Has A Child


Pop star Onika or Nicki Minaj has had a decade filled with many hit songs and controversy .People always wanted to know why Nicki Minaj had not given birth to a child as yet . Many were speculating that she wanted to maintain her figure for her music career . After her break up with Jamaican Safaree then meek Mill she hooked up with her new boyfriend who is an ex convict . He didn’t waste no time in sealing the deal .

Nicki Went to Instagram to post images of her child and the internet broke . Fans from all over commented on the cuteness of the baby and they really love his cheeks . It is no doubt who the father is as the baby shares the split image of both parents .

Macka Diamond Follows in Lady Saw Steps


Dancehall have been the main genre in Jamaica for almost a century and it is still the forefront of the culture . Many entertainers from Jamaica have however converted to Christianity after a lengthy career in dancehall . Some of these acts are Stitchy , Papa San and Lady Saw . Macka Diamond Spice and Lady saw have always been at it for the throne of Queen in the dancehall space .Since recently Lady Saw has entered Christianity and stepped down from the throne . This would have left Macka Diamond and Spice to battle it out .

Approaching the last part of 2020 numerous mix up in dancehall including Spice and Macka have came up one which Lady Saw name was mentioned . Marian Hall the newly converted Christian has commented on few of the topics and urged her former Dancehall sisters to join Christ . Since then Macka diamond have been doing prayer and worship on her live with other dancehall entertainers . Many are wondering if Macka diamond is finally leaving Dancehall alone .

New Covid Reach Jamaica


It is reported by the health minister Dr Christopher Tufton that the new strain of Covid 19 is already on the island . A flight that came from the united kingdom on the end of last year 2020 might be responsible for the disease being here . Four persons from that flight have tested positive for the new strain . Reports are on the way as other test results are being awaited . It is rumored the new strain of the virus might cause temporary blindness and more severe symptoms . Government have urged the public to follow protocols and limit social contact to reduce the rapid spread .

Bag Thief Regrets Actions Instantly


A man is now deceased after a fail attempt to rob a woman this afternoon . Downtown Kingston , Jamaica is well known for the fast movement of persons traveling , its over crowded vending and the robberies that takes place there . It is alleged that a woman was walking in downtown Kingston when she was pounced upon by a an who tried to rob her .

There was an small tussle before the woman who is alleged to be an licensed firearm holder reached for her gun and shot the man . The shocked woman stood in disbelief as persons from the crowd ran to safety .

Police arrived later on the scene to bar the crime scene while probing the incident .

Intence ready for New Year


Controversial Dancehall you gunner Intence have been making a name for his self . Since early last year Intence have been dropping music and balancing his new found fame . The younger individuals seems to really like his delivery style but not so much with the older Dancehall fans . Intence have been the new talk of the town with issues ranging from his skin tone to his tattoo placements . The singer has also recently broken up with his girlfriend dancing rebel who is also a former member of international superstar spice’s dance group . However the singer has remained focused and consistent in releasing new music for his fan base .

New Year a single was released on Intence’s Vevo channel with an official music video . The song dropped exactly on the dot in time for the new year . Ranking number one on the trending spot for YouTube in Jamaica the song speaks volumes . The entertainer mentions he is grateful for life noting a lot of bad stuff happened to him but also good things that he is happy for .

Stream the song below .

Beenie Man in big big problem


International Dancehall Grammy awarding act Moses Davis also known as Beenie Man has been charged by the JCF . The dj has been apprehended by the police after breaches to the noise abatement act .

This time around the entertainer has not been so lucky like before . Months ago he singer was lucky enough to bar an officer from stopping a clash between him and Bounty Killer . That clash was beyond curfew hours . It seems the entertainer was trying his luck again but it might have just ran out .

The St Elizabeth police have arrested the entertainer and now have him in custody . Moses Davis has also been wanted for questing in regards to a video where he was promoting a party .

Alkaline Drops Deh Suh


On the dot of new years 2021 the man him self Alkaline has released ” Deh Suh “.

The catchy song produced by Gego Don Records is no doubt a banger for the fresh year as fans really like it .

Dancehall has become more competitive with a lot of new faces but regardless Alkaline is one of the entertainers that stays relevant .

Without being in controversy and mix up he manages to keep his name a float .

New music have been releasing often from the artist since the last part of 2020 . However people are wondering if he can maintain this pace . There is no confirmation if he will continue thought the year but fans are pleased with his last few releases .

Deh Suh , the three minute song seems to be a cryptic message aimed at anyone who wants to control the artist or his camp .

The alternate title of the song is Own Way . This means he does things how he wants and not how others think it should be done . However it can be just a song with touchy lyrics as we know . Alkaline is also known to touch on many different topics in his career which sparks many speculations .

Stream the song below .