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Man ran over and kills wife in airport parking garage! Their child was in the back seat!!!

Police reports that a Utah man after returning from a family vacation, ran over and killed his wife in an airport parking garage.

The incident happened on the second-level of the short-term parking garage at Salt Lake City International Airport shortly after 2:30 PM.

Surveillance video shows Shawn Sturgeon placing their young child into the rear passenger-side back seat of the SUV, before getting into the driver’s seat, says the police.

His wife was standing between the car and the open rear passenger door, beside the child — when Sturgeon began reversing the car, says reports.

On the footage the victim’s legs can be seen flailing about as he continues to reverse which causes her to fall to the ground under the vehicle.

Sturgeon then drives forward and then runs the victim over with the right rear passenger tire and drives approximately 10 feet before stopping. He then walks the victim to the vehicle and puts her in the front passenger seat.

Sturgeon drove the vehicle, with his wife critically injured inside, to the airport parking payment booths where he asked for help.

Paramedics attempted lifesaving procedures at the scene before rushing the young mother to hospital, where efforts continued, but in vain.

Detectives took Sturgeon to the airport’s Public Safety building for questioning; he was booked there on one count of Automobile Homicide – Criminal Negligence DUI of Alcohol/Drugs.

He is being held without bail.

Spice on the Red Carpet… What are your thoughts? 2020 Grammy Awards!

Spice whose real name is Grace Hamilton, is the first hardcore female Dancehall act to be nominated for the Award. Her album, 10 is undoubtedly a big contender for the Best Reggae Album Grammy.

Her album came out last August. It is a 15-track collection with a lively selection of songs featuring uptempo Dancehall and Reggae riddims and fusions of other genres. 

Today she wears a white dress, green hair, holding a fluffy red item which seems to be apart of her outfit. What do you think of the look?

Ganja Seized in St.Thomas, over 2000 pounds…


A large quantity of Marijuana was found by the police in Roselle District, St.Thomas.

The police made a public announcement that the owner/owners of the illicit drugs are to visit the nearest police station or the detectives at the Narcotics Division to have the matter rectified.

It is reported that the drug has an estimated street value of US $2 million.

The police states that they are highly aware of the illicit drugs being used to trade for illegal firearms that are used by criminals to commit murders and other illegal activities.

Authorities call on citizens to call Crime Stop at 311 or their nearest police station to report individuals involved in the guns-for-drugs trade.

64th Grammy Awards tonight! Shenseea, Spice, Sean Paul amoung other Jamaican Artists nominated…


The Grammy Awards is back once again for its 64th staging. Going live tonight, April 3rd, at 8pm eastern time at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Tonight the winners in each of the 86 categories will be announced.

Are you ready to see your favourite stars walk the red carpet?! Some of the nominees for the “Best Reggae Album” category are already in Las Vegas having pre-Grammy celebrations.

The 2022 nominations for Best Reggae Album are:

  • 10 – Spice
  • Live N Livin – Sean Paul
  • Pajoma – Etana
  • Royal – Jesse Royal
  • Positive Vibration – Gramps Morgan
  • Beauty in the Silence – Soja

Shenseea has one nomination under her belt after Kanye West’s Donda got a nod for Album Of The Year. She is credited for her songwriting and vocals on OK OK Pt 2 and Pure Souls featuring Roddy Rich.

Buju Banton is also nominated for Album Of The Year for his vocal contribution on Ye’s Donda, on the song “Believe What I Say”.

Man finds extraterrestrial creature on beach?!

 Weird findings! In Australia a guy named Alex Tan was strolling on an Australian beach when he came upon an alien looking creature.

The creature looked like it washed up from the shores and is definitely dead.

He posted it on instagram, people commented that it might be a possum… others comment that its an extraterrestrial. Thus far, no one has come forward to crack the mystery.

The post went viral and got many responses. Best comment seen, “Experts say it tastes like chicken.”

Whatever it is, it certainly doesn’t look like anything we’ve seen before.

29 Year old Gym Instructor who is a serial rapist and burglar


Not your typical gym instructor. Pleading guilty in the St.Catherine Circuit court last week, is Chaddane Harris, a 28-year-old gym instructor from Portmore, St.Catherine.

Haris was captured in 2019 and charged with six counts of rape, four counts of grievous sexual assault, nine counts of burglary and larceny and one count of wounding with intent when he stabbed one of his victims.

June 24th is his sentencing.

London man kills Jamaican grandmother then raped her corpse!

Donovan Miller, A man who lived alone with his grandmother, 76-year-old Phyllis Grant, in East London, strangled and repeatedly hit her with a vase to death while she was asleep.

He then proceeded to rape his Jamaican born grandmother’s corpse twice.

He is currently held in an phychiatric hospital and according to reports he will remain in the psychiatric hospital for an unspecified period.

Man sentenced to life for murdering his 8 year old son


Ochest Rose , A 42 year old man has been sentenced to life behind bars after killing his 8 year old step son. the man carried out the act after the child’s mother ended the relationship between them.

The body of the child was discovered with hands and feet bound by in kingston Harbor by residents of the area.

St Jago High School Celebrates win against Calabar high School


St Jago High became the 2022 winners of school challenge quiz after leading the favorite Calabar high by a huge margin.

Most persons were hoping for a next outcome but both schools are heavy hitters each year on the program.

The victory for St Jago didn’t stop at a trophy and hand shakes at the venue. The following day the streets of spanish town were packed with supporters as the winners were paraded around in the streets showing off their shinny victory.

The enjoyment and excitement went on for hours as patrons filled the street this just after the easing of the easing of the DRMA measures.

Why Chuck Norris left hollywood? One of the most iconic Hollywood action heroes of all time but also one of the greatest husbands.

There will never be another like Chuck Norris. The martial-arts legend/Hollywood action star is quite literally respected all over the world.

Shortly after Chuck appeared in “The Expendables 2“, he quietly left Hollywood for good. What really happened? After years of speculation, it has been recently revealed that his reason for leaving Hollywood was so that he properly care and attend to his beloved sick wife.

Chuck first made a name for himself when he appeared as one of the main villains in “Way of the 5”, an action film from 1972. He was offered the role in the film by his fellow friend/martial-arts legend, Bruce Lee.

Norris’s most iconic role, however, didn’t come until the early ’90s when he was cast to play Cordell Walker in “Walker, Texas Ranger” the western themed martial arts inspired drama.

Gena (Chuck Norris’s wife) had been suffering from nerve pain and kidney problems, she went to get an MRI scan to find out what was going on with her health in the year 2013. After being injected with the MRI dye, Gena began experiencing incredible pain.

Gena stated that the pain was in one spot at the beginning, but then began to spread throughout her whole body. She also experienced horrific brain damage, memory loss, was unable to speak properly, and being hypermetabolic.

The family saw many doctors as they try to figure out and treat her conditions, but it wasn’t until Chuck found an integrative doctor in Reno, Nevada, that she started receiving treatment that started to help.

In the state she was in, Gena, required round the clock care and attention. “Chuck slept beside me on the couch and never left,” she told Good Health. “I prayed that I would live to raise my children.”

The married couple said they have spent roughly $2 million fighting her illness, that was reportedly caused by a bad reaction to gadolinium from the MRI.

There was a huge lawsuit filed against the MRI contrast manufacturers by Mr and Mrs Norris and their attorney, Todd Walburg, stated that the couple’s lawsuit is “one of many cases” his law firm at the time was filing against them.

The FDA passed legislation in 2017, that mandated warnings be placed on all Gadolinium-Based Contracting Agents (GBCAs), so patients can be on the alert of their potential harm.

So, Chuck’s greatest battle didn’t come at the hands of Bruce Lee or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Just when we thought Chuck couldn’t be any greater, we found out this- that his greatest battle however, was the fight to save his wife’s life and that was a test and a battle that no other battle before can compare.