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What happened to Dona-Lee?! We need Answers!

Dona-Lee Donaldson, a 24-year-old, Social Media Influencer, has been missing since last week Wednesday.

It is said that Dona-Lee might be the victim of a Deadly lovers triangle. This involving her boyfriend, a police officer from the Constant Spring police station and his baby mother who is another police officer from the half way tree police station.

The police states that a Senior Officer from the St Andrew Central Division has been assigned to lead the investigation, due to reports that members of the constabulary force are known to be the last persons to have been around Miss Donaldson prior to her disappearance.

They also state that senior investigators from the St Andrew Central Police division, the Criminal Investigation Branch HQ, members of the Communication Forensic and Cybercrime Division and Scenes of Crime investigators are all working on the investigation.

They say that investigators have been in contact with Dona-Lee’s family members, assuring them of the seriousness with which they are treating this case.

And they are asking that anyone with information that may be useful to the investigation should contact the Half Way Tree CIB at 876-926-8184, Crime Stop 311 or police emergency at 119.

We look forward to further information as we are told that updates will be given as the investigation continues.

Dona-Lee’s loved ones have begun protesting in areas of St Andrew calling for her safe return or answers as to what happened to her.



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