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Woman drowned in River… Flat Bridge!

News Flash- There are unconfirmed reports that a woman committed suicide by driving off of the road and into the Rio Cobre River at the Flat Bridge in St. Catherine.

It is confirmed by the police that the woman had drowned in the river.

The police’s Corporate Communications Unit are not able to provide details of the occurrence at this moment.

I want to take this opportunity to publicize the fact that; A Mental Health and suicide Prevention Helpline (888) 639-5433 or 888 New Life, was activated in the year 2019 when the Health and Wellness Ministry launched its “Speak Up, Speak now” mental health campaign.

This is a 24hrs hotline that is still active to this very day. I called the number myself and spoke to a lovely lady who was willing and ready to assist. My phone cut off and she even called me back. I am very impressed and pleased that we have a system like this set up in our country for our people. I urge individuals to not desist from calling the Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Helpline if ever or when ever you need their assistance.

Below is a video from CVM TV which confirms that the vehicle was removed from the river:



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